Faster wheel changes and a more solid wheel connection.

Lightning fast wheel changes, even with the dropout tabs in place.
Much faster than a standard quick release skewer.

Simple and intuitive. The SPEEDrelease system requires no adjustment or trial-and-error.
Just lock the wheel in one quick action. Anyone can do it.

Functions like a through-axle for an incredibly solid wheel connection.
The oversized axle shaft has more than twice the bending stiffness of a standard 5mm skewer.

Perfect for road disc applications. The closed dropout and solid connection insures
that the axle can’t jack out of the fork.

Light weight. The front hub weighs only 140 grams with chro-mo axle shaft, including the dropout adapter –
even lighter than the comparable hub and skewer combo it replaces.  A soon-to-be-released titanium version weighs even less.

Authorized by the UCI. SPEEDrelease™ is authorized for use in UCI (Union Cycliste Internationale) sanctioned events.

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Patent 6089675. Other patents pending.

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